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Sources of Stress (etc.) in Alberta during COVID



Sometimes it can help, or at least be interesting/enlightening, to have an idea of how others are thinking and feeling. Leger, a market research company, in collaboration with The Canadian Press, conducted a North American survey from Oct.16-18 asking various questions such as the ones below. The sample included 125 Albertans, and results were adjusted towards being representative of the population. (For more information about sampling and adjusting, please see: They asked:

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, how would you rate your mental health?”

  • 35% of Albertans said either excellent or very good.
  • 28% said either bad or very bad.

“Thinking about your day-to-day life during the pandemic, what would you say is your biggest source of COVID-19 related stress or anxiety that is affecting your mental well-being right now?”

I assume (but am not sure) that there were a series of choices, and that people could only choose 1. There didn’t appear to be a clear “winner” in Alberta, but the top 5 choices (ranging around 12% each) were:

  • “Personal/Household Finances (e.g., not enough money, debt)”
  • “Social isolation, can’t see friends or family, can’t go out to socialize”
  • “Worry for family’s health and safety”
  • “When is the pandemic going to end?/How bad will it get?”
  • “Will I lose my job/Will the economy shut down again”

“Are you personally afraid of contracting the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?”

  • 19% of Albertans chose “very afraid”
  • 34% chose “somewhat afraid”
  • 46% chose either not very afraid, or not afraid at all

And asking about beliefs about the pandemic, the survey inquired:

“What statement best describes your personal opinion of the COVID-19 crisis for Canada?”

  • 50% chose “The worst of the crisis is yet to come”
  • 20% chose “We are in the worst period of the crisis now”
  • 15% chose “The worst of the crisis is behind us”
  • And 15% chose “Don’t know / Prefer not to answer”

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