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Men Who Have Experienced DV

This weekend (05/06 December 2020) is the virtual ICSP (International Council on Shared Parenting) conference. Research on male victims of domestic violence (DV) was a topic including a presentation by Denise Hines, PhD., of George Mason University. Based on research that she and Emily Douglas, PhD., conducted, among 2 samples of heterosexual males who had experienced physical DV, she mentioned:

  • That of men who had experienced physical DV in the past year, 56% were still in that relationship; of men who had ever experienced this, 26% were still in that relationship.
  • That of the men who had ever experienced physical DV, about 70% had also experienced psychological aggression or controlling behaviours – things like threats, name calling, monitoring phone activity, controlling who they see, etc.
  • Higher self-reported rates of physical and mental health issues vs. men in the general population
  • Within the category of “legal/administrative abuse”:

67% of men in their sample who had experienced physical DV in the past year reported being falsely accused of perpetrating physical DV on the female partner.

63% of men in their sample who had ever experienced physical DV reported that their partner threatened to ruin their reputation at work; and, that 41% reported that this threat was actually carried out.

  • The presenter suggested educating the courts more about the landscape of DV beyond information from DV agencies because men don’t typically attend these. Also that any accusation of DV be thoroughly investigated, and thoughts about implications for the parents / family if accusations founded or not founded.

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