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Trudi Jane Wyatt, MA, CT, CCC

Counselling services for individual men and women in Calgary, Alberta.

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Phone: 403.270.2386**
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350 7 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P3N9


Issues & Goals I Can Help With:

  • Difficult emotions like stress, uncertainty, sadness, anger, loneliness, mild anxiety, insecurity, mild depression, frustration, etc. Goals such as understanding these, and feeling more relaxed, confident, happy, at peace, etc.
  • Inter-personal issues with a partner, friend, co-worker, family member, etc. Goals may vary but could include improved communication on your part, exploring options, feeling closer to your partner, etc.
  • Difficult decisions. Goals such as exploring the nuances of these in a safe, unbiased environment.
  • Conflicts with others or within yourself such as conflicting thoughts about something. Goals such as exploring these and reducing/resolving them.
  • Emotional abuse (things like name-calling, insults, “the silent treatment”, etc.). Goals such as recognizing when this might be occurring and deciding what to do if it might be.
  • Infidelity issues. Goals around this topic could be one of many depending on how these issues are impacting you.
  • Thinking style. Goals such as more rational thinking.
  • Self-esteem / Confidence. Goals such as improving these.
  • Communication style. Goals such as improving this.
  • Habits and habit change.
  • Career / Workplace issues. Goals such as exploring your career path or exploring how to work with a colleague whom you find challenging to collaborate with.
  • Other issues and goals.


Counselling sessions at Pine Tree Counselling are professional, intelligent, relaxed, objective, and supportive, with an aim to assisting you in achieving your counselling and life goals. Sessions often help you figure out your thoughts and emotions and what if any changes you wish to make. Many people are looking for a therapist who is familiar with “cognitive behaviour therapy” (aka “CBT”) and I can offer this approach.

Contact and Format (Video, etc.)

If you have any questions about counselling, such as what it’s like, feel free to call me at 403.270.2386 or send me an email at I am happy to answer them. Then if you decide to book an appointment, we can set that up. Sessions are usually 45 minutes and currently they are either via secure video, secure audio, secure text, or the phone. Later in 2021 I expect in-person sessions will be available too, in downtown Calgary (350 7 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P3N9).

In Ontario?

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