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Trudi Jane Wyatt, MA, CT, CCC

Counselling services for individual men and women in Alberta.

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Phone (no text): 403.270.2386. Emergencies 911.

350 7 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P3N9

By appointment only. Weekdays, daytime (M-F) or evening (M-Th).


I speak with individual men and women about a variety of issues such as emotional abuse / manipulation, difficult decisions, communication styles, uncomfortable emotions, and many others. My work does not include “diagnosing” you as “mentally disordered” (for more about this heterodox view, consider this book to which I have no financial ties but I am professionally acquainted with the author, a Maryland Psychologist: Smoke & Mirrors and/or consider my “Evidence” tab above), but I do encourage consultation with your physician for you to see if anything like nutrition might be impacting how you feel. My sessions are professional, intelligent, objective, and supportive, with an aim to assisting you in achieving your counselling and life goals. People usually feel very comfortable and safe speaking with me. I generally guide sessions with a “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” (“CBT”) style, where CBT is a framework I am certified in that focuses a lot on identifying and clarifying thoughts, as this is often helpful.

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Booking an Appointment

To set up a first appointment or initial telephone consultation with Pine Tree Counselling, please email me or leave me a voicemail (403.270.2386) or see “Contact” tab. Note, I do not text message with clients or prospective clients.

This page is for information only, and is not advice of any kind (e.g., it is not medical advice — please consult with your physician if you require medical advice). It is neither counselling nor counselling therapy and implies neither an intent to provide professional services to readers nor that a professional relationship has been established with readers. If you need counselling services, please contact me or another counsellor; if you need psychological services, please contact a psychologist. If urgent support is needed, calling Calgary Distress Centre at 403.266.4357 is an option. For emergencies, consider calling 911 or going to your local Emergency Room. Note that current adult residents of the Canadian province of Alberta are the only intended audience of this page.

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